George Mason Mortgage



Business Objective: 

George Mason Mortgage is one of the premier mortgage providers in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. As the competition locally is very intense, George Mason Mortgage needed to find a way of differentiating itself from the competition and giving people a reason to choose the company above all others.


Brand Strategy: 

Brainwave developed a strategy of using Ed Dean, the company’s President as the spokesperson for George Mason Mortgage because he exemplified everything the company stands for. Ed is professional, honest, trustworthy, experienced and reputable — and has been the number one lender in Virginia for the last ten years.


Brand Campaign: 

A brand campaign was developed with the theme of “George Mason Mortgage. It’s Where Ed Works.” The key communication was that if you choose George Mason for your mortgage, you can rely on Ed, and by definition anyone else at George Mason, for a stress-free, streamlined mortgage process.



Web, print, radio and collateral.



Brainwave's "It's Where Ed Works" campaign turned Ed Dean into a brand in his own right and substantially built awareness of the George Mason Mortgage brand too. As a result, George Mason Mortgage's revenues increased by 29% in the space of just one year. Conclusive proof that you can bet your house on Brainwave building your business by building your brand.

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