Parenteral Drug Association



Business Objective: 

The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) is one of the world’s leading parenteral drug organizations. Its objective was to provide real value to its members and industry personnel through a variety of world-class conferences and to increase its status and revenue as a result.


Brand Strategy: 

The strategy was to position PDA as the association that can bring the world’s best scientists, regulators, and speakers, together for conferences on a variety of hot industry topics.


Brand Campaign: 

The brand campaign focused on promoting PDA conferences as being the best educational and networking events for all those working in the parenteral drug industry, and built around PDA’s tag line of “Connecting People, Science, and Regulation.”



Digital ads, electronic brochures, email marketing, direct mail, print brochures, print ads, posters, videos, social media.



Brainwave's campaign and multi-channel marketing push on behalf of PDA helped to ensure sell out events and record attendances. In fact, revenue for the Metrics Conference alone was up 40% in 2014. Thus Brainwave was 100% successful in helping PDA to build its brand and exceed its financial goals.

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