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Business Objective:
Adams National Bank, a small community bank in D.C., wanted to drive revenue by communicating with potential customers that it offered better rates, products, and service than other local and national banks.


Brand Strategy:
The strategy was to develop a unique, bold tone of voice for the bank — one that would scream that Adams was a different kind of bank. Such boldness would help the bank to stand out even in small space ads and attract customers’ attention to its superior rates, products, and services.


Brand Campaign:
Adams National Bank, named after Abigail Adams — a quirky, unique lady, who was married to John Adams, the nation’s second President. As Abigail embodied the bank’s heritage and values, Brainwave created a brand campaign that brought Abigail to life, using the tag line “Get the Abigail Adams banking experience.” The campaign featured Abigail and her funny insights into the modern world of banking.


Web banners, digital ads, print, direct mail, collateral, in-store posters, and telephone answering spots.


With Abigail Adams as its spokesperson, Adams National Bank grew its deposits by $80 million and increased its revenue by 34.8% in two years.

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