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Business Objective: 

McDonald's needed to drive sales for all its fast food products and do so in a way that would allow it to reinforce its brand values and keep ahead of strong competition from Burger King, Wendy's and other fast food chains.



Brand Strategy: 

To present McDonald's as the fast food chain that you think of and choose whenever the need for food and drink comes into your mind.



Brand Campaign: 

An umbrella brand campaign had already been created for McDonald's to reflect the overall brand strategy, and the tag line was "Did somebody say McDonald's?". A series of mini brand campaigns were developed that allowed McDonald's to reinforce its main brand message, sell its food and drink combos, and induce its customers to buy in volume by offering additional value and incentives.




TV, radio, print, billboards, collateral, in-store point of sale, website, digital ads.




The combination of McDonald's main brand message and the appeal of the individual promotions succeeded in increasing sales by more than 25%. Over their lifetime, these mini brand campaigns also helped McDonald's maintain its position as the number one fast food chain in the world.

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