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Business Objective: 

KPMG Corporate Finance is one of the best middle market investment banks in the country. However, despite its success, KPMG knew that it could grow its market share even more by communicating the strength of its investment banking record, the breadth, and depth of its expertise, and the uniqueness of its approach to potential clients.


Brand Strategy: 

The strategy was to position KPMG Corporate Finance as the middle market investment bank that works with clients, in a unique and unrivaled way to help them define the best investment options and fulfill their goals.


Brand Campaign: 

A brand campaign was developed around the line "We can do a great deal together," and some marketing components were created to support the tag line and reinforce KPMG’s record of delivering great deals across all areas of investment banking for clients.



Digital ads, email marketing, specialist print media, direct mail.



We successfully re-positioned KPMG Corporate Finance, re-defined the brand and delivered a campaign for KPMG that helped the company stand out in the marketplace, grow its market share and cement its position as one of the leading middle market investment banks in the country.

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