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Business Objective: 

CNA is one of the country’s oldest and largest providers of non-medical, professional liability insurance and risk management services. In order to grow its market share and drive revenue, CNA had to raise awareness of its broad range of outstanding insurance products.


Brand Strategy: 

Brainwave determined that the key to enabling CNA to stand out in the marketplace was to position them as the company that best understands the risks involved in every day business — as evidenced by CNA’s long experience and its ability to draw on that experience to develop insurance products to cover any risk that businesses may face.


Brand campaign: 

Brainwave developed a brand campaign with the theme line “We know the risks.” The campaign established CNA’s credibility by focusing on the most famous insurance risks that the company had underwritten — including the moon landing — and using that experience to reinforce its credentials as the best business insurance provider in the country.



Digital, collateral, specialist print media, direct mail



The “We know the risks” campaign re-defined the CNA brand and allowed the company to differentiate itself from its competitors and position itself as the best business insurer in history, in the present and in the future.

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