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National Center for Missing & Exploited Children



Business Objective: 

The National Center for Missing & Children (NCMEC) was established in 1984 to help children, their families, law enforcement and health service professionals with regard to child abduction and exploitation. NCMEC's objective was to turn itself into a brand and create a campaign that would raise its profile and make everyone more aware of its wonderful services.


Brand Strategy: 

NCMEC's unique selling proposition was defined as "The organization that exists to serve all those affected by or working in the field of child abduction and exploitation." The strategy was to communicate that USP in a multi-channel brand campaign — with the emphasis on a tagline that would resonate with all NCMEC's key and varied target audiences.


Brand Campaign: 

The brand campaign was built around the line “We’re here because they’re out there” and components were developed that, in the first wave of marketing, educated the general public directly about the specific dangers posed by child exploitation. Indirectly, the campaign also raised awareness of NCMEC’s services with law enforcement and health service professionals.



Web, digital ads, specialist print media, posters, collateral, direct mail



The campaign was donated pro bono to NCMEC and succeeded in substantially increasing calls for assistance from families of children who have been sexually exploited and also helped NCMEC secure funds to create and launch an entire Family Advocacy Division. Paul Gayter, Flora Nicholas (the principles of Brainwave) were named 2004 Justice Department Volunteers of the Year for their role in the creation of this campaign and their willingness to help NCMEC support families in need.

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