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Lockheed Martin



Business Objective: 

International Launch Services (ILS) is a satellite launch services company jointly owned by Lockheed Martin (USA) and Khrunichev (Russia). In order to be successful, ILS needed to create its own identity, establish its unique selling proposition and differentiate itself in the market place in order to grab market share from its main competitors, Boeing and Arian Space.


Brand Strategy: 

Brainwave positioned ILS as company with unrivalled expertise in the satellite launch industry as a result of the combined experience that Lockheed Martin and Khrunichev could bring to the table. In doing so, ILS was strategically placed to become the company of choice for satellite launches.


Brand Campaign: 

Brainwave created the "Powered By History" campaign for ILS. This branded ILS as the company that could be trusted most to successfully launch satellites into space because of its illustrious history, experience and success.



Website, video, print, collateral, direct mail, trade show display.



The campaign helped ILS to become the brand leader in its market sector and the number one launch company in the world. In the process, ILS beat its main competitor Boeing, despite having a fraction of Boeing's marketing budget.

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