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Business Objective: 

Cancerpage was a new player in the fast-growing online cancer information sector and was looking for a way to differentiate itself from its competitors.


Brand Strategy: 

The strategy was to position Cancerpage as the go t0 site for people who have cancer, and their friends and relatives — the site that understands their needs like no other and can deliver information, support, help, and hope.


Brand Campaign: 

Brainwave developed a campaign featuring the line “Helping people turn the page on cancer.” This theme was executed across a plethora of campaign components — both traditional and digital. Each component communicated the benefits and value of Cancerpage and drove people to the website for more information.



Website, digital, collateral, specialist print



The “Helping to turn the page on cancer” campaign quickly established the website as one of the leading cancer sites in the marketplace and drew the attention of companies looking to acquire its services. Indeed, some three years after its inception, the company was acquired by LifeMatrix, which helped Cancerpage to deliver its online cancer portal concept to an even bigger audience.

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