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Precision Tune



Business Objective: 

Precision Tune’s business objective was to establish itself as the leading Auto Care company in America.


Brand Strategy: 

The strategy was to take market share from competitors by positioning Precision Tune as the most trusted, reliable and value-for-money auto care company around — thus giving consumers numerous valid reasons to switch their business and their loyalty.


Brand Campaign: 

A campaign was developed with the tag line of “Keep It Going.” It was light in tone and featured members of the general public in various situations where they had to be sure that their cars were in good shape and thus chose Precision Tune for their auto care needs.



TV, radio, billboards, point of sale materials, direct mail, website, and digital ads.



Given the plethora of components, their ubiquitous presence in the media, and they’re memorability; Precision Tune succeeded in not only driving home its message but also driving millions of more customers through its doors. As a result, Precision Tune achieved its goal of establishing itself as the number one brand in its business sector.

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